I have two assignments in a couple of days and an exam on the same day?

I have two assignments in a couple of days and an exam on the same day?
I have a 2000 word essay, a 1500 word essay and an 1.5hr exam due in a couple of days and have not started. Do anyone have any tips as to how I can motivate myself to not leaving them til the last minute?

-First you better make a schedule with all the things you have to do. for example, you’ll put the three things u just mentioned to finish in two days.
-The most important thing you’ll need is a watch… (trust me you have to be on time or you’ll never do it!)
-Starting with the first essay, take ten minutes and put all your ideas on a scratch paper.
-Make a time limit for yourself to finish the first paragraph (20 minutes or more if you need more time).
-Rest for five minutes: Stretch, go to the bathroom, treat yourself with candy. Do anything that makes you feel happy and energetic!
-Start the second paragraph and continue for 30 minutes.
-Rest for 5 minutes
-continue writing the essay that way a paragraph and then rest. (you’ll find that writing is fun and you’ll get more ideas for the essay by giving yourself a rest!)
-Take a Lunch/Dinner break after you finish the first assignment (from 45-60 minutes)
-Read a little bit of your favorite book, a comic book, or look at some old pictures (have fun while relaxing for a little bit.
-Start second assignment (same way as first)
-Take A long break.
-watch TV for 30 min
-Study for your Test

Good luck!