i need 10 topic sentences on the topic of marriage?

i need 10 topic sentences on the topic of marriage?
i have In-laws, how they play a role in marriages. The roles a man plays in marriages. The roles a female plays in a marriage. Reasons people get married. Marriage how they differ in different cultures. Money how it effects marriages. The length of the average marriage. Same sex marriges how they differ from the opposite sex marriages. I don’t even know if these are acceptable topic sentences to begin with

Topic sentences are the main sentence in a paragraph right? Well, let’s figure out your main premise or overal thesis. You could take any one of those that you mentioned and use it as a thesis and write a whole essay on it. They are too broad.

Let’s use the Reasons people get married. A thesis might look like “A couple gets married for many different financial, emotional, physical reasons.” Then the topic sentences would be 1. a financial reason- It is cheaper for two people to live together, than each one seperately. 2. an emotional reason–The couple wants security in their life by getting married and knowing that person will be around. 3. a physical one–Man’s desire for sex is innate and marriage is the best situation for sex. Find more reasons under those topics (financial, emotional, and physical) for your other 7 points and use the paragraphs to prove your point.

Right now all your topic sentences are too broad, don’t flow together under one main thesis, and you are trying to cover too much. Narrow it down. Brainstorm about what you want to write about, then organize them into groups (like an outline). Make sure you work with a thesis so you know where you are headed and what big point you are proving.