I need advice on my English Language GCSE?

I need advice on my English Language GCSE?
i am taking my english language in a few week, and i really want to get better. can anyone give me a website i could go to more more helpfully advice on what i need to do. for example i find doing poem analysis quite hard. We are studying poems from different culture. what do i need to do in my essays to achieve a really high grade? Please help

GCSE BBC BITESIZE is the best place… heres some advice:



This is a crucial part to your exam, though it is the most tedious! You must, compare and contrast all the time between the two articals, explaining how their similar and/or different… And you must find the writers techniques, if they use similes and metaphores, how the thing is layed out and the effect it has on the reader, like is it bold writing, or is there pictures etc. Then expolre why they do this. Like colour! My exam was on “the big heat” and some other artical. And that imperticular one used a browny orange colour of writing, supporting the warmth and heat of the topic on global warming, plus the fact that it was almost red, which resembles anger and being agressive, and that may have suggested that the writer was very stern and agrressive about this topic and trying to get their point across, and show this was an emergency. You know… like that!

Section B, Writing to Argue, Persuade and/or Advise. Well I am advising you not to choose advise, it is the most difficult. Persuade or argue. Though you must remember that in both of these, persuasive techniques MUST be used all the way through, e.g. Rehotorical questions, statistics, anicdotes. But the difference in argue, is that you MUST show both sides of the story, you cannot be one sided, or you will fail that section!



And please compare and contrast! Seriously… the poems are there in your book/ anthology, just memorise where the anthropomorphism (personification) and the metaphores, similes etc. And mention if it’s blank verse, iambic pentameter etc. And why each technique is used, and how it supports the tone of the poem.

And for paper 2, section B, always choose descriptive writing… Prepare a story before hand, and get a teacher to mark it, then revise it untill you can remember it!

Trust me… I was the only student in my year who got an A* in English Language Higher teir, and I have dislexia!

Good Luck!