I need college essay help PLEASE?

I need college essay help PLEASE?
I have the whole summer ahead of me to start on college essays but I cannot figure out what area I should write about!!
Which will impress colleges most??
my ideas:
personal experience–my experiences having my junior year english teacher die in december of junior year from cancer–before she left she assigned us an assignment to write about our “favorite place” as a writing assignment and I wrote about a dead end that I used to go to with my cousins and as my school had us walk with her coffin through the streets by my school we passed my favorite place on the way

or this year i was one of four students in my grade who did a scholars program—mine was a 15 page paper and presentation to a board of sponsors about comparing fashion of the 1950 and the 2000’s and predicting based on political and economic situations now what fashion will be like in the next decade–i predicted that it will be based on lady gaga because we feel so anonymous from the internet and its become to easy to be “discovered” on youtube and twitter that thats why we love lady gagas attention getting fashion the way we loved the new look by dior in the late 40’s


Neither topic will ‘impress’ colleges the most. It is not so much what you write about, but how you write it and what it shows about you as a person. You want admissions officers to gain some insight into who you are as a person. Tell them something that they won’t see from your grades, list of extracurriculars, recommendations, ect. Don’t get too worked up on the topic (what is more original, more impressive, ect), focus on where it is going and what characteristics they could draw about you from your essay. That being said, I think your first topic could lead to that insight. If you still want to talk about topic two there is a section on the common app where you can elaborate on one of your extracurriculars/projects. If you write your essay on topic two I think it will end up being a sort of summery on your project (which is more appropriate for the section I just mentioned) with little insight to YOUR personality. If you write about topic one well, you may be able to show some of your personal characteristics by how you dealt/reflected on this experience without outright saying it. Remember it is important to SHOW not tell when you write your college essays. Good luck!