I Need help i have an essay due and i’m clueless?

I Need help i have an essay due and i’m clueless?
This is the prompt:

At the conclusion of the first play, Oedipus Rex, in Sophocles’ trilogy, Oedipus laments, “What good were eyes to me? Nothing I could see could bring me joy.” However, his realization of his predicament is a gradual process. Write a persuasive essay in which you detail the process of his awareness and then whether you agree or disagree with the verisimilitude, or universal truth, in this statement. Cite quotes and give examples from the play to support your position, and construct your essay in typical essay format.

Obviously you read Oedipus Rex, right? From what I understand Oedipus explains that he is depressed (due to an event/series of events?), that even the beautiful and simple things can’t longer bring him joy, therefore, his eyes are not “useful.” [I haven’t read this, I am just interpreting the sentence and drawing conclusions]

If you agree/disagree, I am guessing you have to construct a Five-Paragraph essay? Firstly, you need a thesis, for example: (I just found this random quote to give you an idea of what you’re supposed to do)

“Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.” – Grace Hansen

So let’s say I agree with this, my thesis would be: Although death is a frightening subject which is frequently discussed, not living life to its fullest is an even more frightening thought. –> Here you are basically agreeing with what she says and rephrasing it.

Make an outline of what you write:

1. Introduction: brief explanation of Oedipus, etc. then state thesis towards the end of introduction

2. Paragraph 1: first idea on whether you agree or not –> give a concrete example/quotes from play, relate it back to your thesis, and relate it to a broader idea (hence, “universal truth”)

3. Paragraph 2: second idea on whether you agree or not –> give another concrete example and add quotes from the play, relate back to thesis, and relate it to a broader idea

4. Repeat the same process

5. Restate your thesis, and introduce a new idea at the end (don’t repeat what you wrote in your introduction, you will lose points for that)

Also remember not to write the exact same thesis in every paragraph. Get creative and rephrase it, so it doesn’t sound repetitive. Also stick to one voice (if you want passive, use it all the way through your paper), and try to avoid “is” or “and” “thing” or those kind of words. Stick to verbs. For example, Oedipus shows how the world could be better (i’m just making it up) to make it sound better, I would change it to: Oedipus illustrates a potential for the world to improve. Shorter more qualitative sentences earn you a much better grade. Trust me (personal experience.)

Anyways, good luck. If you have questions, send a message. =)