i need help in writing a 500 word Essay!!!?

i need help in writing a 500 word Essay!!!?
what are the steps in the writing process how do i write one.. how many sentences in a paragraph?
how to end the essay with a conclusion..
thanks im having a really hard time right now.

All good essays need these things: A good opening, a good body, and a good conclusion. If there’s not an exact number of paragraphs you have to write then I would write 3 to 5. (The first being the opening and the last being the conclusion.)

First what you have to do is think about what you are writing about. Once you get your topic you know what to write the essay about. (I would write down a few ideas and think about it for a bit before writing.)

When you’re ready you start! So in the first paragraph you should have your opening, something to grab the teacher’s attention! Then say what you are going to write about. The opening doesn’t have to be that long, a good one for this assignment might be 4 sentences.

Then get to the next paragraph, the hardest one. This is where you will write about your topic and going into detail. I’d say 4-8 sentences is good for this paragraph.

You should try to separate different supporting details into different paragraphs, all at least 4 sentences.

This one is the easiest paragraph, the conclusion. This is basically where you wrap it all up! You just have to go back to what you talked about in the last paragraphs and write down a summery of it. If you say, close it off with something that might make the teacher smile and you will be all good! Good luck!

Remember, it’s better to have over 500 words then it is to have less!