I need help on a Catholic essay Please?(:?

I need help on a Catholic essay Please?(:?
I need to write a paper on why i want to be confirmed into the Catholic Church. Any ideas? I will choose the best answer!

You’ve come to the right place 🙂
First, you need to think about why you really want to be confirmed. Make a list.
2nd. Plan out your introduction paragraph. Talk about yourself and have a thesis statement
3rd. Plan your first paragraph. This should be based off of one main reason you want to be confirmed
4th. Plan your second paragraph based on your 2nd main reason
5th. Plan your third paragraph based on your 3rd main reason
6th. Write a conclusion which is basically restating your intro. paragraph but do not use the same words

Use good vocabulary- look up simple words in the thesaurus to have some variety
Be Honest- you need to really think about why you want to get confirmed and what it will mean to you to be accepting the catholic church.
Ask a teacher or adult or a trusted friend- they can read your essay and edit it for you.
Good Luck!