I need help on a personal essay?

I need help on a personal essay?
Promt : Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. What should i write about?

* information on your parents – are they divorced or married? do you now hope to find love just like they did and hope to have the patience to make a marriage work? do you not trust many people now because one of your parents has cheated onthe other?
* family health – if someone in your family has passed away, how has it changed your life (besides missing them)? do you find inspiration from their strength to fight until the end? if someone has a mental retardation in your family, do that make you have patience and maybe wish to help others who are a little slow?
* what is your heritage? are you Polish and have been inspired by your hard working family? are your parents immigrants and hope to create a new, wonderful life for their children just as they have for you?
* money in your life – have you learned that working hard pays off in life from examples in your family?
* school – is there racism/sexism in your school? has that inspired you to treat others equally and try to change others opinions of those who arn;t like them?
* religion – is there any history to your religion that you are proud of? is there any history that has made you realize that many people judge (The Holocaust for the Jews) – were you inspired by those who stood up for their religion and sacrificed their life for it?
* adoption – if you are adopted, did that teach you about love and hope for a bright future for your future child?