I need help on my college essay?

I need help on my college essay?
first of all can someone who already got into a university , with a fairly high GPA send me a sample essay, like the one yo wrote. and i need help on this question :If you are interested in a particular academic area, tell us why. Do you have a dream job in mind? If so, we’d love to hear about it.
what points shud i cover in my essay. i know i want to be an engineer at boeing. but what points should i cover?

Simply, tell them that you want to be an engineer at boeing.

What points should you cover?
Your essay should reveal something about yourself that they don’t already know from somewhere else in your application. This is a fun question because there is no right answer (although, when I was applying to college I hated when people called the essays fun…). Some questions to consider/answer while writing this are: why is this what you want to do? what were the events/activities/thoughts that lead you to choose this area of interest? when did you first know that you wanted to be an engineer?

The hardest part about college essays is starting them. Just write a VERY rough draft- a stream of conscience. Then re-read and edit the draft until you absolutely love it. Again, don’t stress too much. The average college admissions officer only spends 1-2 minutes reading your essays! Focus on getting good grades right now…

Good luck!