I need help to write my essay!?

I need help to write my essay!?
I have an essay due: jan 22. and it worth 200 Points. and i have a “D” in my history class. i need to do good on this essay and didntt know how to make a thesis. The question\topic is “What events led t the American Revolution? How did the American Revolution change the societies and institution of the 13 colonies?

crack open your textbook and start reading! and get moving, you only have a couple of days.. okay, so the american colonies wanted independence from britain.. the royal proclamation which banned the americans from the territory to the west of the appalachian mountains, and the many settlers could not move into the fertile ohio valley. the british government also set many taxes, because the americans kept getting into expensive military disputes with the french and the natives. so, the americans obviously became angry with the british government. basically, the royal proclamation of 1763 was an important event, and indirectly it was the CAUSE of the american revolution. the quebec act was also an important event. okay, so i hope you’ve got the idea, now get working! 🙂 focus on the main and important events. god luck with your paper! and start asap. ready, set GO! 😉