I need help with a college essay..?

I need help with a college essay..?
My essay is on major cause of binge drinking among college students, and the soutions for the problems i come up with.. Can someone help me with a thesis.. I need help starting and my thesis.. Thank you! paper is due tomorrow and i got nothing!!! HELP

First you need a catchy title such as…. Binge Drinking On The Rise Among Today’s College Students

Next you will need a quick opening statement that basically summarizes your three main topics which make up the “Body” of your essay.
Then you need to come up with at least three major reasons and possible Solutions for your three main paragraphs for the body.

Some examples for your first major reason….1. peer pressure 2. Depression from not being able to keep up with others expectations of themselves. 3. The overwhelming desire to “fit in” with a certain group of people thereby submitting themselves to something they wouldn’t normally do otherwise.

Some examples on how to correct the problems would be 1. Be yourself no matter what and if you are not comfortable then walk away. Always be honest with yourself first. 2. Always do your best for you first. If you exceed your own expectations then you will not need to depend on others for your self esteem to only be knocked back down. 3. Set some standards and guidelines up for yourself. Know where your limits are and only subject yourself to those who truly respect you and accept you the way you are.

Lastly…write a summary paragraph on the three major causes of binge drinking and your solutions. Then your done! Good Luck! Hope this Helps!