I need help with a thesis statement on Race in my community?

I need help with a thesis statement on Race in my community?
I have to do a 1400 word essay on the race in my community, how leaders treat people like me and other people and also the similarities and differences between me and the people who are in leadership positions in my community. I have only been in
vegas for 2 years, that was spent finding a job, buying a house and all that, I really don’t know much about eh leaders in my comm

Use your experiences doing those things to base your observations.

How were you treated? By potential bosses, the people you had to deal with during your home purchase — etc — anyone who was in a postion of some power or could make decision about where you could or couldn’t work or live, is a leader in the community — in a way….if you dealt with a realtor — did they steer you to certain communities or areas — or away from others??

Now did you perceive any differences in how others around you were treated? Have you read anything in the paper that deals with that — has there been anything on the news?

come up with a solid idea for a topic — differences between a young person buying a house than an older person — or a white person vs a person of colour or different ability or any other “visible” difference….. a woman vs a man….
Or the same idea but dealing with the job search….