I need help with an essay! Help please?

I need help with an essay! Help please?
My teacher was chosen to give away a free guitar. I forgot what kind it was, but I’ve seen a picture of it before. It’s a nice one. I had an interview just now and he said that I had to write an 150 word essay explaining why I should be the one to get it. Any ideas how to make it sound convincing? I seriously want to learn, and this is my only chance for a guitar. HELP.

In your interview with the teacher, did you get a feel for what he wants to hear? Is he a musician? Does he play guitar? You have to have a hook, that is, you appeal to his interests. 150 words means you have to get to the point right away. I want to win this guitar because…

Do a little research on the guitar. Use Google. Explain why you think the guitar is such a noble instrument. Talk about the challenge you look forward to. Be passionate about what you write and you increase your chances to win.