I need help with Microsoft Word Processor.?

I need help with Microsoft Word Processor.?
Ok so i bought my computer like 2 or 3 years ago, and while i was setting it up I never ran across a Microsoft Word Processor cd to install it, or whatever. I never did install it actually. But now i wanted to download this story draft thing, but while i was doing it it said that i had to log in to microsoft word processor, but like i said before i never did install it. and i never had a cd or whatever it is u need to install it. i want to know what i can do, because i really need to use it, to download this story, and to do an essay. or is there anyplace where i can download it. plz help me.
p.s. im not really good w/ computers, so i beg of u to please explain this to me as if u were talking to a 3rd grader.
Thank you if u took the time to read and help me.
i apologize for how long this is.

I’m assuming you mean you need to prepare an essay using Microsoft Word (the word processor component of Microsoft Office).
I would recommend downloading and installing Open Office. It’s free and arguably is better than Microsoft.…
Select the operating system you have, Windows if that’s what you’re using, and the language.
If you already have a recent version of Java Runtime installed you can uncheck the box that says “Include Java JRE…” If you do not know you won’t hurt anything by leaving it checked, it just makes the download bigger.
Open Office will read and write Microsoft documents. You can use the Writer application to create your essay. When you save it you will have to change the file type. So select Save As, and change the type to Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP .DOC so that it can be read by Microsoft Office. Otherwise it will save in the Open Office format. If you open a Microsoft Word .DOC file in Open Office and edit that, when you save it will ask what format to save in, choose to keep current format.