i need help with my essay?

i need help with my essay?
The topic is “personal writing experience”…she gave us a sheet that said the following:

-What experiences or individuals have shaped the kind of writer you are today?
-Have these experiences been positive, negative or a combination of both?
-What stands out in your mind that you can recall today?

…i am very bad at setting up essays (intro, thesis, body, ect.) and i really want to get off to a great start to the semester with this essay.

Use a past English teacher/tutor as your person. If you liked the teacher then put why and how they helped you become the type of writer that you are today (example Mrs. Smith was a horrible teacher that did not take the time to give me individual attention so I think that that has kept me from reaching my full potential when it comes to being a writer. OR Mrs. Smith was an excellent teacher that worked with me because she knew that I had potential. Because of her I think that I am a better writer.) Give examples of work that you did in a certain class.

Most teachers do not check to make sure that the people that you specifically list in your paper are actual people so if you don’t have anyone that stands out in your mind then you could probablyy BS this entire paper.