I need help with my essay :(?

I need help with my essay :(?
im trying to get into a good highschool, however i need to write a 500 word essay on “my interest in technology” .. i am an A/B student but i dont know how to start this essay. i need some brainstorming things.. anything like facts, YOUR interest in technology, and just things i should write about. pleaseeee and thank youuuu 🙂

“Technology” covers a lot of stuff: Ancient (flint knapping); Medieval (printing press); modern (electronics)

You could write about your interest in steam engines.

Navigation using satellites. (GPS)

The original telephones.

Telephone dialing using pulses vs later use of tones

Steel production

Road building

Buckminsterfullerine (an interesting molecule of carbon)…

Why computers are getting smaller and cheaper

How computers are used to manage automobile engines