I need help with persuasive essay!!!!!?

I need help with persuasive essay!!!!!?
Hi for finals we need to write a persuasive essay and i was wondering if you could give me a couple of tips and what i could right about THANKS


Persuasive Essay
University of Phoenix Material

Peer Review—Persuasive Essay

Writer’s Name Russell James Seelye

Reviewer’s Name Gary R Mathis

• Introduction
Does the writer supply enough background information for you to understand 1) the context of the issue/problem being addressed, and 2) why it deserves attention?
Sufficient in background was supplied for me to understand the origins of each product being reviewed.
Is the writer’s position regarding the issue or problem clearly stated?
I fully understood within the scope of the essay the writers analysis and position.

• Body
Is it easy to identify the main points in support of the writer’s position?

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