i need help with public speaking?

i need help with public speaking?
i have to present a persuasive essay in english class and i will be graded on HOW i present, not on the content. i absolutely hate public speaking, or speaking in front of large groups of people in general. im a quite person and i dont know how to raise my voice without having it sound like im screaming. and i start stuttering and get extremely nervous over the stupidest reasons. I have no idea how im going to present a speech in front of my whole class, let alone persuade them to do anything. nd my teacher scares the hell out of me. she will criticizes every thing you do. i need tips, help anything on how to get through being a good persuasive speaker without embarassing myself.

Many people who do a speech talk to fast…I guess just trying to get it over with! To be a good speaker, you should speak clearly and slowly while enunciating each word so your audience hears every word you are saying. Pauses between sentences and even between phrases are okay. Speaking on something you know well will help relieve some of your nervousness. You can be more persuasive if you are talking about something you really believe in. You don’t have to be loud to be persuasive.

One method that many stutterers use is to pretend they are someone else like John Wayne or change the tone of their voice – don’t know why it works, but it often does. If you put on a cowboy hat and act like you are John Wayne telling the reason you should wear spurs, the teacher might like the fact that you thought to use a prop and get into character to put your point across. I can’t think of another example but you get the idea.

A cousin told me that he pretended he was talking to his parents trying to get them to let him use their car for a date as he realized how he changed his tone whenever he was trying to get something that he didn’t think they would agree with. Whenever, he spoke before a group, he imagined his parents standing at the back of the room and that he was talking only to them. He forgot that there was anyone else in the room while he concentrated on his imaginary people that he was talking to. Maybe that trick will help you.

Whatever you do, don’t ever think about what the teacher or anyone else thinks of you. It doesn’t matter. If you can convince yourself that you are great and that other’s opinion of your speach doesn’t matter, you will do a good job. My favorite quote is Eleanor Roosevelt’s “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Good luck!