I need help writing a compare and contrast essay.?

I need help writing a compare and contrast essay.?
It’s on Lincoln’s second Inaugural, and JFK’s Inaugural.
It needs to include how they speak about the Past, the Present State of the Union, and The Look of the Future.
This is my first Compare and Contrast essay, so I don’t exactly understand how to write them good.
I have some ideas on what to write so far, but as for organization I’m lost.
Can you help with pretty much both of these questions?

Sax Man,

Paragraph one could introduce the two as a couple of the greatest leaders this country has ever had. Discuss the importance of the inaugural address to the general public, what it aims to accomplish for a new president, what points are made, and how it sets the agenda for a new administration.

Paragraph two: How are the speeches similar? Discuss what the present state of the country WAS at the time of each. How do they feel about the prior administration (the past) and what do they say about the future? Here, you are pointing up one or two similarities and discussing them.

Paragraph three: How do their speeches differ? Discuss the differences in the state of the country during the time of Lincoln compared to JFK. Discuss their different approaches and attitudes toward the prior administration and their feelings about the future. Again, here you discuss differences you noted.

Final paragraph: Restates the ideas of the intro and how these were two of the most incredible presidents our country has ever seen. Though their time periods differed, their dedication and devotion to making a stronger country never wavered.