I need help writing a short essay or poem about a made up city?

I need help writing a short essay or poem about a made up city?
I have to write this for my english class but im not very creative. If somebody would write it for me it would be best however cool ideas will also be appreciated.

There once was a town called Olympium, just a stone’s throw away from London. It’s streets were paved with gold, it’s sidewalks made of mother of pearl, and it’s numerous statues and monuments made of beautiful marble. All it’s buildings were in the style of Baroque architecture, and all were decorated in the finest fashions. What was special about this town was that it was built for one man- the king of England himself. He built this town because he so hated the people of London, that he always felt the need to escape. In fact he hated all people (like all kings, he was a terrible misanthropist) which is why he allowed no one in Olympium but himself. Every summer, he would leave his palace in London, and stay at his palace in Olympium. He would also walk in the gardens, take strolls in the streets, visit all the houses and sometimes even pretend he lived in them. Sure, this marvelous pinnacle of opulence cost millions upon millions of pounds, and he had to use slave labour, but he didn’t care about his subjects- that’s why he built this place. To escape from all the people he hated- and that was all the people. After all, the world exists for the pleasure of kings, he thought.
One day as the king was sitting on the ledge of a fountain in one of the gardens in his little fantasy world, he heard some ruckus coming from a nearby house. He decided to investigate. As he came to the house, he noticed the lock was busted open. He of coarse had a master key for the town. It opened the entrance gate, the palace, and all the other houses, that way only he could get in. But to smash his lock, to defy his strictest rule by invading his private palace, this he thought was a crime worth a beheading. He thundered into the house and heard some footsteps, then all quiet. He unsheathed his sword, then rushed upstairs. He searched the bedroom, then discovered a girl, hiding under the bed. He ordered her to come out from under it, and when she did, he was astonished. He had never seen such a beautiful girl. Of coarse, she was awfully dirty, and wearing tattered cloathes, but underneath she was gorgous. But he was still furious.
“Who are you? What are you doing?” he barked at her. “Don’t you know that entrance into Olympium is the severst of all crimes?”
“Oh, your highness, please forgive me. I am poor, and have no food to eat, and I thought there had to be some food in one of these beautiful houses.”
He was still angry, but it less so once he heard her voice, almost as soft and beautiful as her body.
“Well, why don’t you go to your father for food?” he asked. “Surely he would not turn you down.”
“Oh, I would” she answered. “But I’m afraid he is past from this world. He fell from exhaustion. He was enslaved to build this town. Now I have no one.”

***I have to go now, can’t type anymore. You can finish the rest. I had in mind that the king should take pity, swoon, try to make her his bride and get rejected. Then he realizes he needs people, even wants them in his life. Good luck.***