i need help writing essay!?

i need help writing essay!?
I have to write 5 paragraph persuasive Essay, Every individual must have basic knowledge of English before being permitted to enter into and live in UK.

please help me what should i include.


First, you’ll need to determine some reasons why everyone should have a basic knowledge of English. I recommend at least two! After you determine your reasons why, you’ll want to develop a thesis. It might look like this:

Every individual must have a basic knowledge of English before being permitted to enter into and live in the UK because ______ and ________.

Then, you’ll want to work on your body paragraphs. Within these paragraphs, you’ll want to argue your reasons why. To be persuasive, you’ll want to consider the use of statistics, narrative, or logic. How could you best convince your audience to adopt this policy? Whom are you trying to convince to accept this argument? Why might they oppose you?

Let’s work through a model.

Assertion: Everyone should be bilingual in Spanish and English in the US.

THESIS: Because of the overwhelming influx of hispanic immigrants and culture, the federal government should institute a policy that all students should be competent in both Spanish and English in the US.

I’ve specified my thesis a bit by identifying my audience (the gov’t) and the reasons why. Do you see them?

Now, I can work on my argument. I want to think about “what my audience wants” when I argue. The government desires everything to run smoothly! It also wants to celebrate diversity. So, here’s what I might do:

Reason one: The current population of hispanic immigrants in the US is well over ___(thousand); thus, it is crucial that everyone is able to communicate clearly. The only way to ensure that communication is clear is if the population is fluent in both languages. As everyone knows, children are most adaptable when learning languages. and so on…

Reason two: In addition, the focus on bilingualism will ease cultural assimilation, thus, celebrating the diversity of this country.

I hope this helps you out!