I need help writting an essay for a college scholarship.?

I need help writting an essay for a college scholarship.?
I need to write an essay explaining why i would deserve a scholarship to pursue a post-secondary education at this community college (Lake Summter Community College).

Please give me some suggestions and how i could start of with a good attention getter and how i would make it all into an essay.
Im pretty new to this whole essay writting stuff.

please and Thank You very much.

I love to write essays. Here is a guideline to make it easy:
1) Find your topic sentence ie: you are trying to persuade them into why you deserve the scholarship. (paragraph 1)
2) List 3 reasons why you feel this way (paragraph 2)
3) You explain the idea of each of the 3 reasons. (paragraph 3)
4) In this paragraph (4) you state the main idea, and the 3 supporting ideas and sum up the essay. (rephrase the first sentence)
So it may start like: It is my sincere desire to present my request for a scholarship for…(whatever it is). Then list 3 reasons convincing them why you deserve it. (your GPA, achievements, academics, whatever)
In your second paragraph, you explain your first reason. Third paragraph you explain your second reason. The fourth paragraph explain your third reason.
Your last paragraph you will rephrase your first sentence so it sounds like: It is my hope you will consider my request for …..
I hope this helps, let me know if I can be of further help. Good luck to you.