I need informaiton how to write a good essay.?

I need informaiton how to write a good essay.?
I am taking my GED test and when it comes to Essay I freeze up and dont know what to write. I have books on it to but when I go to write down my essay i loose all what I was going to write about. How can I over come this and write a good essay?

Here’s a simple tip I learned in high school. The first thing you want to do is read the question. The second thing is to READ it again! Okay. Now start to make a list of what you know about the topic – just list short phrases (1 or 2 words). Finally, jot down a brief outline – a quick list of the order in which to answer the question. Use this as your guide to answering the question.

If you do this it will help you answer the question completely and to approach it in an organized manner. This will improve the overall quality of your essay. You should probably practice this technique. You can do this by finding a book with sample essay questions. Give it a shot then have someone read your answer and give feedback. Most of all…don’t panic. 🙂

Good luck!