I need serious help with my essay…?

I need serious help with my essay…?
Ok, Here goes… I am 21 and I am STILL working on getting my high school diploma. I had a baby in high school and well…. I quit school to go with her dad, He was in the ARMY and we wanted to stay together so we got married when I turned 17 and I quit school and left with him after he got out of bootcamp. I wish I never dropped school but It’s too late for that now and I just need to move on and better myself. I entered this school over 3 years ago…

Anyways, I have 3 essays to complete until I can finish my schooling. However I really have no clue how to write an essay… Throughout high school I managed to really luck out. It needs to be an extended 500-word, multi-paragraph essay that expands on my chosen topic. My chosen topic is:The writer in you – Discuss your attitude toward writers and the writing and/or what you have learned about the writing process from this study guide. Do you like to write? If so, do you prefer poetry, stories, non-fiction? Who is your favorite writer, and why? The problem is that I don’t know what goes in which paragraph or Well honestly I really don’t know much of anything. I am hoping that someone can really break it down for me… Like give me the run down Please. I really need some help with this, I NEED to get my high school done but this is really blocking me. I am really grateful for ANY and ALL help! Thanks in advance.

Essays that are set up in this way aren’t too difficult to deal with, as they lay out everything that you need to put into it, and you really just need to answer the questions posed. As an avid writer, this seems simple to me, so I’ll try to break down what you should do.

Start by making a list. Take all the things they ask you and just list them:

1) Discuss your attitude toward writers and the writing and/or what you have learned about the writing process from this study guide.

2) Do you like to write?

3) If so, do you prefer poetry, stories, non-fiction?

4) Who is your favorite writer, and why?

So you’re given four small things to delve into. This is a great essay though, because it’s all YOUR opinion. A lot of the things you say simply can’t be wrong, as they are just you’re opinion, which means your teacher is going to grade you on content and grammar. 500 words is easily manageable, even if at first it seems like a lot. It’s only 125 words per section. I’ll give small example on answers that I would give if I had to write an essay like this.

1) I believe that writers are a very underrated group. Writers create worlds, build buildings, name and birth characters from their minds, create personalities, feelings, events, and so much more, simply to entertain. Writing is a very personal and fulfilling activity. When I write, it gives me a feeling of passion, knowing that the characters I create feel the things I do, see the way I do, but can do so much more than I could ever do. It also gives me a feeling of power, knowing that I can make my characters do what I want them to do in an environment that I created. I am a god in my stories. I create other gods to watch over my characters and my worlds if I want to.

(Obviously, I can’t answer what I have learned from the study guide, as I didn’t read it, but this is where you add those things in.)

2) I love writing. I use writing as a tool to vent when I’m angry, create when I’m happy, destroy when I’m sad, and experiment when I’m confused. When I write, it’s very personal. There are many elements that go into my writing that come from my life. When my girlfriend broke up with me my main character destroyed billions of dollars worth of equipment and vehicles, and killed millions of men in a matter of hours. (I do some sci-fi roleplaying online in my spare time) Writing is a big part off my life, I love it.

3) I prefer writing stories, as telling a story is much more open ended and personal than non-fiction, and I don’t enjoy the style of poetry. I can create and destroy at will, and build off of what I have already made. I can make people happy and give them their hearts desire, or end their lives in a second. All told through a vague and creeping tale of a warrior’s journey.

4) My favorite writer changes as my opinions and interests change. When I was younger I enjoyed Lemony Snicket and J.K. Rowling. As I grew, I enjoyed many of Stephen King’s novels, and even delved into some romantic/fantasy novels from Amelia-Atwater Rhodes. Right now, I don’t have a standing favorite author, as college has kept me from reading very often, but I’m sure I’ll stumble on another favorite soon.

(I would also recommend any of the works by the authors I stated in that paragraph).

After you finish what I did there, it basically comes down to cleaning up your main paragraphs, connecting them with introductory sentences, adding some points here and there to complete a thought to prove a point, and then add an introduction and conclusion. What I wrote above was about 400 words, so after you add that stuff in you should be easily past your 500 word limit. On top of that, I could have rambled on even longer if I wanted to. And remember, just because you may not write that often does not mean you can’t have opinions on what you think you might like, and why.

I really hope this helps, and good luck in your schooling, and life! Times can be tough, but you can always find those who love you if you look hard enough.