I need some help with an essay?

I need some help with an essay?
I am doing an essay on issues in the state I live in (California) and I chose to write about economic issues, but I can’t find any information about the issue so Can someone help me by giving me links that will help me find what I need

Part 2
Once you have the source, write an essay summarizing the issue and stating your opinion about it. Your
essay should answer the following questions:
• What is the issue about? What is being done or proposed?
• Who supports what is being done or proposed? Who opposes it?
• What is the role of the state government?
• How is this issue connected to the services provided by the government?
• Do you support or oppose what is taking place? Why?

Thanks in advance

The biggest issue is balancing the state budget. California and most states spend more money than they take in. They spend money on education, roads, libraries, universities, parks, state police, state agencies, and state welfare programs. Other than funding they get from the federal government, the only way a state can raise revenue, is taxes, or borrowing by selling state bonds to investors. They cannot print more money like the federal government can and does.

When the state spends more than it takes in, it goes farther and farther into debt, just like people do. Then,they either have to raise taxes, or borrow more money. By raising taxes, you risk businesses leaving the state. You lose the money they were paying in taxes, and have more unemployment. Private citizens, especially the wealthy, also move our of state, and the state not only doesn’t get the extra taxes, they lose what taxes they were getting before. If they borrow more, the more you borrow, the more interest you owe.

The only alternative is cut spending. But where do you cut it? Do you cut law enforcement and let criminals run the streets? welfare programs and people and children go hungry? Education and let the younger generation suffer when foreign nations produce better educated kids? Do you let the roads crumble, go plowed in snow areas, let the state parks go wild?

The simple answer is EVERYONE, young and old, rich and poor, citizens and businesses, EVERYONE has to sacrifice. Yet, everyone wants everyone else to sacrifice. So you just keep borrowing until you cannot pay the interest, go into default, then everyone has to give up everything.