I need to write a 250 word essay for a Police Cadet application. Ideas on how to make it longer?

I need to write a 250 word essay for a Police Cadet application. Ideas on how to make it longer?
Here’s what I have so far:

I would like to join the Portland Police cadet Program to start myself off in the pursuit of a career in law enforcement. I’ve always admired police officers for doing a very important job, and in my opinion, officers of the law are truly the backbone of our society.
I’m hoping to learn all the aspects and importance of an officer’s existence, as well as basics in criminal justice. Growing up, I’ve wanted to race professionally and be a police officer then possibly move up to SWAT.
With highschool completed, I can finally begin looking into becoming an officer of the law.

It’s 104 so far. I can’t think of anything else to write…

first, good luck with your career! its great

have you spoke of a ride a long? you can go to the pd and ask for a citizen ride a long. that will give you more ideas to write about.

have you said why you want to become a police officer or go to
SWAT? the fact that nothing is ever the same and the addrenaline rush! or the fact that you are helping to serve and protect people in the country to make a difference.

have you spoke of the many different opportunities in law enforcement there are? SWAT, police, K-9, dispatch, narcotics officer, gang unit, detective, CSI, etc. there are so many opportunities in LE that you may want to make those aware then go into why you wish to go into SWAT.

those are all space fillers, but dont just do the minimum, reread your essay and you will find things to add to. if this is truly your passion then it wont be difficult to write the essay.

i would also take out the part of racing professionally. that has nothing to do with the job and is actually a little offensive. i think that if you were to show that to an officer to read they may relate that its fun, etc but definately not something to put in an essay that is supposed to portray a police officer, not a nascar racer.
good luck with your essay and future career.