I need to write a Comparative Essay?

I need to write a Comparative Essay?
For my english assignement, I am writing a comparative Essay between the poem ‘A monstrous rumour roams the city’ by Anna Akmatohva, and a poem I chose at the start of the year.

The poems I chose at the start of the year were “The Darkling Thrush” by Thomas Hardy, or “All the Worlds a Stage” by William Shakespeare.

I can choose a different poem but these are the ones I am supposed to use.

If I choose the Darkling Thrush, I can compare and contrast how both poems deal with despair and fear, and if I choose All the worlds a stage, then i could compare the theme of Death in both poems.

I am looking for any suggestions on which poem I should use if either, or a new poem, and any themes that might be compared or contrasted between the two poems

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED, this is my first ever question on yahoo answers, and I would love any help at all, even just a link to somewhere i can find some info 😀

It is a LONG time since my A level English, and I have only answered because I LOVE the Darkling Thrush. I don’t know the other poem. I thought the Darkling thrush was about hope shining through the despair?

I would suggest you go through the first poem, and write bullet points about the points you want to make, what the poem says to you, and the imagery used.

Do the same for both of the other poems, and see which one seems a more likely candidate for you to use. It will all seem much easier when you have something down on paper. Write an introduction to your essay. This always helps if you have a way in

Sorry this is not much help, but I am a bit past my essay days!