I need to write a reflective essay… Help!?

I need to write a reflective essay… Help!?
It’s about my writing experiences before college and my thoughts and i’m not even sure if I can use I. I asked the teacher but she hasn’t written back and it’s been more than a day. I don’t like writing but I have no idea how to say that in at least two pages…. thanks

I once had to write an essay about my writing process. I ended up making it a short story. She picks up her journal and her favorite purple pen and makes herself comfortable at the window seat in the den. Two pages, the teacher said, huh? Well, that shouldn’t be so hard. She touches purple ink to fresh sheet of paper. A drip of ink emerges, but a word cannot be found. Two pages, no, I can totally do this. The drip of ink becomes a flower, a stick figure, a house, but still no words. Well, this is a scholarly work, maybe a computer is what I need. She tosses the journal and pen on the floor beside her, and pulls out her laptop. Microsoft Word. Yes, I’m sure typing will help. Yet the blank screen is taunting. She types her name. She tests out her first name with the last name of her crush, the boys from One Direction, her best friend’s cute cousin. And still a two page paper cannot be found. Maybe I can find direction for a paper on facebook or yahoo answers. Three hours and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s later and she still has no paper.

How’s that for “I hate to write”?