I plan on going to Harvard Law School. I am in high school, I need undergraduate advice.?

I plan on going to Harvard Law School. I am in high school, I need undergraduate advice.?
I have set a goal, which I know that I can reach, to go to Harvard Law School.

I am currently in high school, and I am narrowing down undergraduate college choices. I can attend the honor’s program at the University of Arkansas for free, or attend private Rhodes College which will cost me aroud $40k/year.

I know Harvard considers on GPA and LSAT, so which college experience will prepare me for LSAT, and will be better GPA wise? What sort of things would you reccomend me be involved in during my undergraduate years to make my application stand out?

For your undergraduate years, focus on what you enjoy and do well in your studies. You’ll need a good grade point average and somewhere above a 170 on your LSAT’s. Some of the things I’ve heard law school requires are well developed analytic and reasoning skills, writing ability, and critical reading. Philosophy can often times nurture the correct set of thinking tools for the LSAT and the law school experience in general, but, of course, it is not the only subject.

Like most of the top law schools, you’ll also need a couple of outstanding extracurriculars, or work experience if you’re a little older. Law schools want to see leadership and community awareness so whatever you do, be good at it. A great essay and recommendation letters are also a must. Generally, a lot of weight is placed on grades and the LSAT score. Those will be the most important factors.

Most colleges will have a pre-law advisor/society that can assist you in both course structure and preparation. Harvard accepts students from a wide variety of institutions, here’s a link for their entering class profile (they used to tell how many from each school they accepted, but not for last year).…

Being a excellent academic student and mastering the LSAT will make you stand out, not only for Harvard, but for other outstanding law schools as well. Keep in mind, that Harvard is just one of many great law schools. Once you start your undergraduate education, you’ll get a better idea of not only how to prepare for Harvard, but more importantly, why you want to go to Harvard. Good Luck!