I want to go to a vocational school?

I want to go to a vocational school?
I originally wanted to go into the Navy, but I was told I am unfit for service because of my ADD, even though it doesn’t affect me anymore. Anyways, I am considering becoming a musician, so I want to go to a vocational school my Junior year for business (so I will have that experience needed to make decisions about my music).

My grades are not good, though, but I was an outstanding student up until High School, and my teachers wanted me to be tutored by college students so I could go further. Once I got into High School, though, I began having trouble. My teachers said that the transition was too much, which is why I started becoming anxious and unfocused. This concerns me a great deal because I really want to go to the vocational school, but my grades may make them skip me. I feel I will do better there because things are hands on, and I will be doing something that actually interests me, but I doubt just that statement alone will earn me my place.

I need advice (preferably from people who have gone to a vocational school) to help me get in. I do not know the process for applying, but if there is some sort of interview, I need serious help with that part to let the people in charge know I will succeed. Thanks in advance!

Well a diploma or degree in Business is never a bad thing to have but I am unsure about how that will assist you with your music goals. I do think that vocational schools provide excellent skills to people. I wonder, if your interest is basically in music, perhaps you would be better to pursue placement in a vocation that may help you with that. There are many choices that can involve the technical aspect of music presentation – learning broadcasting or working with sound equipment, etc.

In many cases, if you are 19 years of age or over and have been out of school for over one year you can gain admittance to a vocational school without your highschool marks making a big dent in you application. Having said that the more ‘in’ a career you want to attend in any school means the more competition there is for spots. Business is very ‘in’ now so I suspect that competition for entrance to that would not be any more fierce than then some of the other placements you may look at.

Check with a couple of vocational schools that you would like to attend and find out what they have for entrance requirements and see if you can meet them. In some cases there are requirements for personal interviews and, possibly, personal essays for some programs. Get yourself ready and make your applications as soon as possible. First come can sometimes be first served. Get in to see a student counsellor at the vocational school or schools to see if they can assist you and get their advice about what ‘hoops’ you should jump through.

You may be well served by some letters of reference regarding your abilities from the teachers that you had who were very supportive and pleased with your skills.

Make sure that you are doing everything you need to do to keep your ADD under control. Go for it.