IB Extended Essay English A?

IB Extended Essay English A?
Yes, yet another Extended Essay question…

And yes, I’m having trouble deciding on a topic…

I’m completely fascinated by Alice in Wonderland, I thought to do my EE on something related to that. Most likely about the role the Cheshire cat plays and how he’s the only nonsensical character that makes sense. Do you think it possible to write 4000 words about a cat, albeit an insane one?

My other idea was to do a kind of comparison between Alice in Wonderland and Splintered (A.G. Howard) since, to my understanding, Splintered is based on Alice in Wonderland, to some extent. Problem is, I can’t seem to get my hands on a copy. To those of you who have read it, do you think it possible to compare the two books??

Any other ideas or twisted, weird books I could try and do??

Thanks for any help 🙂

Enjoy 😛

AH! IB mate!

For EE, honestly it IS possible to bs 400 words on the Chesire cat, as long as you are passionate about it and don’t procrastinate on writing. Also, you have to figure out if your supervisor is cool – if he’s an old brat, you’d better not go for the Chesire cat. However if your supervisor is young and (somewhat) trendy, the Chesire cat option might work!

I haven’t read the Splintered yet… but for the second idea, I’m pretty sure it would work well. There are always stuff you can compare and contrast for two books. After all it’s like writing an extended paper 2.

Hope this helps! 😀