Ideas for a cause and effect paper?

Ideas for a cause and effect paper?
For my english 101 class I have to write a cause and effect paper… I want it to be something that is interesting and I’ll enjoy writing about. My teacher said it needs to be something that not everyone would think of right away, so I appreciate all suggestions! And if it makes a difference I’m a 17 year old girl in high school. Thanks! 🙂

1. What causes rainbow, and what are the usual effects of it?

2. Why are plains delayed, and what are the consequences?

3. Discover causes and effects of terrorist acts.

4. Why do people sometimes change their image, and how it results on their lives?

5. Write a cause and effect essay about forest fires.

6. Why are kids sometimes grounded by parents, and what are the effects?

7. What caused Olympic Games to come into being, and how it resulted on the life of society?
8. Talk about the times of Inquisition.

9. Why did corsets appear, and what was their impact?

10. Why people marry, and what follows marriages?

11. Think about plastic surgeries.

Choose another cause and effect essay topic:

12. Volcano eruptions can be a good cause and effect essay topic.

13. Why do people sometimes move to different countries, and how it changes their lives?

14. Talk about the prohibition to smoke in public places.

15. Fast Food restaurants: why did they appear, and how they shape our lives?

16. Write about computerization.

17. What are the causes and effects of the sea pollution?

18. 90-60-90: where do these measurements come from, and how can they become a problem for a regular woman?

19. Traffic jams – any ideas?

20. Talk about causes and effects of the sexual revolution.

21. Obesity can be chosen as a topic for an essay.

22. Why did the European Union appear, and what changed with its arrival?

23. What were the historical causes for Renaissance? What is its impact on culture?

24. Telecommuting – causes and effects.

25. Talk about causes of hunger (in separate countries, or in general), and its effects