Ideas for a Creative Title?!?

Ideas for a Creative Title?!?
I have a current event essay, and I have to make a Creative title for it, but I can’t think of a thing! I’m not creative at all.

The topic is how the global recession is causing more people to shoplift due to the over-increasing prices.

any ideas anyone?!

It depends on your position as the author. I assume this is a persuasive essay? If your position is against those who stoop to larceny because of increasing prices rather than doing without I would title it “You Can’t Eat an I-Pod.” A throwback to the idea that it’s okay to steal a loaf of bread if you or your family will starve without it. If your position is against the big businesses who keeping jacking up their prices to maintain a profit, I’d use something more like “The Pied Piper of Wal-Mart” or “The Corporate Demon: Because Three Homes and a Jet Isn’t Enough”

Just let your inner smartass out to play, a few drinks late at night, you’ll find something.