Ideas for my political science essay?

Ideas for my political science essay?
So for political science class, I have to write an essay about a remarkable Congressman and I chose Ron Paul since he is one of the few Congressman with really different ideas compared to others.. So in the first paragraph I am writing an introducion about some general information about him and and then In my first supporting paragraphs I thought about writing about his ideas and opinion regarding changing our current foreign policy and cutting foreign aid…. So my question is what other ideas of Ron Paul that makes him different than others ?

Ron Paul believes in the Gold Standard (economic system America pledged to follow), Believes that all foreign presence of our military is wasteful, Believes in the drastic shrinking of government, Maximum states rights, Maximum personal freedom, Maximum Economic freedom, while at the same time being against the Corporatism which is the funding of the GOP (why he wasn’t ever going to win). He also believes in lowering taxes drastically and cutting back numerous government programs.

He wanted to completely balance the budget.

Eliminate the Federal Reserve

Defund cabinet offices (departments), by over 700 billion dollars over 4 years

Eliminate suplimental nutrition program

Legalize all drugs, most prominently Marijuana

Was only Republican to vote against the Iraq War

Totally against Union Power

Also is against anti-segregation laws imposed during the Civil rights movement to create an equal society for Whites and Blacks.

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