if i was to write a 5 paragraph essay..?

if i was to write a 5 paragraph essay..?
about getting a phone to convince my parents what should each paragraph be about

Well you could write about how when you go places like friends houses, trips without parents, well anywhere they arent you can keep in touch with them and call them in case of an emergency. That is one thing that really gets them where they wanna buy you a phone. And like if something bad happens you can call 911 faster instead of having to find a house phone or ask a stranger to borrow their phone. A phone really comes in handy when theres some sort of emergency. Also if you play sports you could need something like gym shorts, water, jersey, etc. anything you forgot to bring to practice and they could bring it to you. You could say that everyone has phones your age and you dont. Im not sure if that will help any but it might. Depends on your parents. But anyways try that lol (: