If I were a king, what laws would I put on my people?

If I were a king, what laws would I put on my people?
In history class, we were assigned to write an essay about if we were a king. We are suppose to make up our own laws for our people to obey. I was thinking about being more of a helpful and friendly king. Therefore, I am not sure what other “fake” laws to talk about besides taxing.

Well hmm. As for rules a good king could make, these are some rules:

Limit on how much a patron/customer could be charged for certain goods or services. That way no one get ripped off.

Low taxes so people can survive even with poverty/low income

Normal punishments for crimes. The bigger the crime, the bigger the punishment.

King doesn’t show favoritism. Every person is created equal, including his family, friends, and employees. So no crime goes unpunished, no matter the person.

Children age 18 must fend for themselves and become adults. Children under 18 can stay with parents or guardians.

Parents should not try to live off their children. This is seen as taboo and is severely frowned upon.

Children can’t get married, drink alcohol, or drive until age 18, even if pregnant or father of unborn baby.

Underage pregnancy is seen as taboo, an if there is an adult parent in the situation, the adult parent gets punished. The the two can’t marry another person and must marry each other when both are at least 18 years old. If the father gets another woman pregnant, he goes to jail. Whatever money he earns is split between the women. If the woman gets pregnant again by another man, both children are taken from her and she goes to jail, unless she can prove she was forced into sex.

Every one has an equal opportunty for healthcare. Those that seek healthcare other than for severe health reason more than 2-3 times a month, may be put on a limited amount of healthcare unless they develop a severe health problem.

Whew. That’s all I could think of for now.