If there is no electricity what would be happened?

If there is no electricity what would be happened?
i need an essay on it plz help me

Two ways of looking at this:
1. What if electricity didn’t exist?

Well, the universe literally would not exist as we know it, because electricity is streams of electrons, and without electrons, compounds (and thus most matter) wouldn’t exist.

If electricity (electromagnetism) did not exist the universe would not exist. All matter is an illusion of motion generated by electromagnetic wave.

2. What if humans didn’t know how to use electricity?

We didn’t know how to use it for most of our history, so I imagine we’d revert to a mid-1800’s society, where machines were steam powered and we had to read for personal entertainment.

we wouldnt be able to watch tv go on the computer talk on the fone nothing fun if there wasnt electrity life would suck.

3. Have you ever been grounded by your parents or guidian?. not the corner time out but where they take away the cellphone or homephone, Tv,radio, videogame even the computer? That really suck. Now imagine cold showers or baths no microwave no cold drinks in summer and even worse no air conditioning and finally the worst of the worst no cars (Cars need electriity to run the fuel ignition system)

4. If there was no electricity:

Transport would be steam-driven, animal-driven or human-powered. You’d have a bicycle, a horse-drawn carriage or you’d just walk everywhere you went, and you’d go long distances by train. By now someone would have invented the horseless carriage, which would run on either a small boiler or maybe a diesel engine–diesels don’t need electricity to run, and you can rope-start them if you have to.

Lighting would be by flames–candles or lanterns.

You’d communicate via the mails, or you’d go visiting. Visiting was a very popular form of entertainment in the 1800s, and there were many social protocols–you dressed formally to do it, you made an appointment to visit, you left calling cards in a basket at the front door, and you had a special sitting room that was only used for visiting.

You’d entertain yourself by playing games, but you’d play with other people. You’d also go to dances, you’d go to church (people weren’t really any more religious then than they are now, but everyone went to church because in a lot of places church was the main form of entertainment).

Food was generally fresh, or canned, and locally-grown. Meats were almost always smoked. Did you ever read in old Christmas stories about how the children got an orange for a gift? Oranges were special because they were hard to transport, so you might see one a year.

If you wanted to see a play, you went to a theatre. If you wanted to hear music, you went to a concert on the town square, you had someone in the family who could play, or you knew how to play yourself. A lot of people had pianos or harpsichords, and for the non-rich there were guitars, banjos, fiddles, harmonicas and mandolins.

Work was all manual. You made things, or you wrote on ledger paper.

And life wouldn’t suck, because that’s what you knew. I mean yeah, if you have a cell phone with texting on it and someone takes it away that sucks because now you don’t have it, but if you ALWAYS talked to your friend by dressing up and going to her home, you’d think that was really fun. (Also consider: there wouldn’t be any more thirty-second conversations. Women didn’t just run over there for a little while–if you wanted to do that, you’d talk to your neighbor across the hedgerow at the edge of your property. If you spent a couple of hours dressing, styling your hair and applying makeup, you’d spend half the night in conversation. And you’d LIKE it! You also wouldn’t be there yourself–usually people would gather in groups they called Salons, and discuss all sorts of things.)