If you could choose any period from the past to live in?

If you could choose any period from the past to live in?
which would it be and why?


My freshman year I was running an 80-acre dairy farm because my dad was working two 8-hour jobs to pay for it. That same year in after school games, none of the senior varsity football players could run past me so the coach asked my dad to let me play. I made some seniors mad when I started my freshman year.

My sophomore year I won some essay contests and they were published county-wide. One of them kept our school from joining with another school. On our debate team I was forced to argue the position for segregation and when our team won, my classmates just about drove me out of school.

My junior year we beat the champs of the conference our big-head neighbor town was in. On the way home our coach let us drive up and down the streets of our non-conference rival hollering the result out the window. We lost two games all year, one to our conference champs. We swore next year we’d go undefeated.

My senior year we accidentally moved into the school district of our non-conference rival. My school bus ran right by our farm but they wouldn’t let me ride the bus. I rode with my dad when he went to work or I walked the four miles to school. My principal gave me an award for the only senior he had ever given a perfect attendance award to.

Between seasons our non-conference rivals recruited three teams away from our conference. We went undefeated so we were champs in two conferences plus we again beat our non-conference rival’s conference champs. And this time we went out of our way to drive up and down their streets.

We kept inviting them to join our conference and they kept saying we weren’t good enough. They kept trying to steal teams from our conference to make their conference better. They haven’t won many games since then. Our team was in the state tournament last year.

That senior year I got the only game ball coach had ever given after I had four successive tackles for loss from our five yard line in a 0-0 game. I was the first defensive MVP our team ever had and I made all-conference.

I had a different college entrance to say the least. When I was in HS, I needed to go to the U of M hosp for tests so I rode with my dad back and forth from his 8-hour job. While he worked, I passed the time around my appointment wandering the campus and sitting in on classes. I became so familiar with the campus that I was escorting freshman around. Two girls asked me if I was a senior and I asked them how they knew.

When it came time to pick a college I had lots of offers but I was already at home with the U so that’s where I went. But one thing. I never applied. I probably was their first walk-on student. No one I knew had gone to college so no one told me what to do. I thought I passed all the entrance exams in HS. I got an invitation to go to orientation and I went to that. That was just a wild retreat with no info except class sign-up dates, where to get your books and such.

I walked on, even signed up for classes. But when I tried to get the books I needed, I was told I needed a SID. He held the books for me and told me the classes would be held long enough for me to get a SID. I had to retake all the tests I had taken in HS plus some other tests they wouldn’t need if I had registered properly. Then I was supposed to sign up for freshman hsg but it was full. I was so sad when they made me stay with upperclassmen.

I got written up in the school paper because I used to run full speed down a crowded sidewalk spinning and sliding around everyone without touching anyone like I did in HS football. I knew they were talking about me because they mentioned that they didn’t like my wearing my HS championship jacket. They said I did not belong on a sidewalk before I could prove myself on a football field. So I walked on and got injured before I could find out if I would have made the team.

Ever watch the show, “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS”?
It’s like going to homecoming every Friday night.
1960 – 65