If you have any doubts on how to format your dissertation in this article, see this one.

If you have any doubts on how to format your dissertation in this article, see this one.
What should I do if I want to make my Dissertation more beautiful?
Since theses are written under a fixed format, this is not a very easy task. To do this you are required to start from scratch, edit the contents, and format the dissertation with a different font, size, line length, alignment and layout.
As a result, you may end up formatting your dissertation in an incomprehensible mess, but it is well worth your time.
To start with, you can add a color scheme to your thesis, by clicking here (if this link is deleted, use this one).
If you want to include other formats, like MS Word documents (you must have this version), you have to modify all the text in the thesis and make sure all the headers are correctly inserted.
And if you want the text of your dissertation to appear italicized, you must edit all the text in the original font and add the italic styles to your thesis text.
It is important to keep a separate set of style sheets for each format you want and to be sure of your formatting.
To make things easier, you can write the style sheet as a separate file from your dissertation. For example, if I wanted to edit the colors, I can make sure I have the appropriate file in my Dropbox folder as well. I will edit the file after I have created the style sheet and make sure that it matches my thesis (my original file is in here “dp” at the moment).
This way you have the flexibility to edit all the files and have the style sheets in your Dropbox folder and still have the proper formatting in all different formats.
If all you want is italicized texts, you can use the method found here as well. The disadvantage to this method is that you need to copy and paste your text from the old style sheet and make sure to use the correct file, otherwise it will not work.
A simple method that is still valid for all the file formats is to set the italics attribute of the text file to true for all its extensions (like .doc, .rtf and .pdf) with the following command
Set Italics to True
Then save and close everything.
When done with your formatting, you can upload the finished style sheets to a service like, where they will be uploaded to a separate folder in order to format your dissertation.
For more advanced formatting, you may check this video tutorial on how to create your thesis.
What is the difference between theses in MS Word and Docx formats?
I will briefly explain here the difference between Word/ DOCX and MS Word/DOC. If you do not know what MS Word/DOCX means, you can always ask Google, but here we are talking about the thesis that you submit with your dissertation paper submission to the academic publishing houses.
Word/DOCX is the main format that is used to format your thesis, which is also the format that you use in Academia. It is the format in which theses are submitted as a regular submission to the publication houses. All your papers are first processed to get them into this format. The most important difference is that Word/DOCX has a separate file