I’m 18 with what seems like a grim future… advice?

I’m 18 with what seems like a grim future… advice?
I just turned 18 but I have nothing. I live in a hotel with my family of 5. My parents don’t have money for groceries let alone money for college. I need to get out of this situation but I don’t know how! I want to get a job – but to get a job I need a car! I’m studying all the time to get a high grade on my SAT so I will have a higher grant – but it’s very hard with 3 siblings to look after all day here in this single room all day…. I don’t know what to do? Do I just get a bunch of part time jobs and work my butt off until I get the money I need for a car and branch off from there? What do I do… ?

Look into colleges that give out a lot of scholarship.
Do you plan to stay instate? (which I’m assuming…since you want/have to take care of your family)
or Do you plan to go any college that gives you money?

I’m going to give you mainly college-oriented advice:
If you plan to do #2 (out of state –well I don’t know where you live so…)
Colleges that give out a lot of full rides include:
U of Alabama (you need a certain SAT, GPA, and class rank…and if you fufill all of these then you get your tuition waivered)
U of Ohio (Same as U of Alabama)

If you’re in Florida, you can try for the Bright Futures Scholarship (practically a full ride).

Seeing that your situation is so desperate as it is, you will probably get a lot of FAFSA money (PLEASE make sure you fill this out correctly –this can really make your college paying path a lot easier to travel). Apply for as many scholarships as you can and when they require you to write your essay, write about your situation and make sure you emphasize that you are resilient and positive that an education will allow you to make a difference. Also, if you are the first to go to college in your family, this is also a hook for college applications. If you’re a minority (Black, Native American, Latino), apply for the appropriate scholarships as well. With a little research and effort, you can find grant money anywhere so don’t lose hope! College is extremely necessary or at least society deems that it is extremely necessary for a easier future—so don’t DON’T put it away unless you really have no other choice.

Also as for transportation, you can try use the bus if it applies in your situation. My friends and I take the bus right after school to get to our jobs. I’m not sure about your situation though because it varies (distances).

Good luck!