I’m bored with my free time… what can I do?

I’m bored with my free time… what can I do?
I’m a student nurse on my final placement (13 weeks 37.5 hours a week) I worked incredibly hard to make sure everything was done so I could relax on this placement; my dissertation, final essays, everything, it’s all done (though not due for a few more months). My weekends are filled with my boyfriend who visits, so they’re not a problem. My problem is I finish placement everyday between 1pm and 4pm and that’s when I’m bored. All my friends work more complicated shifts than me on their various placements and if they are off they’re stressing about their essays (And yes, helping them is sometimes an option, but I didn’t nearly kill myself getting everything done in time just so I could then go and do somebody else’s.. selfish as that may sound).
The thing is, for the past year (three years practically) I’ve always had something to do, something to prepare or revise for or something to be working on… and now all I have to do is show up to this placement 5 days a week, everything else is done. And I suddenly have these very long evenings to fill and I don’t know how. I tidied my room, it’s spotless, I read a book in one evening alone, I sit and watch episode after episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m just bored. I live alone, only a bedroom in halls so it’s very small and all the more boring.
I have little, but not no money. I do go to the gym but I’m not a gym person and I can only spend an hour or so in there. I just don’t know how to fill my time… please give me some suggestions. I hate that I’m bored.. I honestly cannot stress how torturous the last 3 months have been trying to get everything done for this final placement so I could relax and enjoy it… only to discover without all that to do.. I’m bored.

First of all well done on working hard and getting all your work done so that you could focus on your placement. Maybe you could spend time doing further research and improving your dissertation and final essay so that you can get the best possible grades. Or maybe you could get a part time job so that you can have some extra money. This would depend on how much your shifts vary. You could always try a self employed part time job like Avon. Or maybe volunteer work something relevant to your career aims. Maybe helping out at a local hospice or cancer charity. This is something extra you could add to your CV. Or learn a second language.