I’m doing a college essay Please help!!?

I’m doing a college essay Please help!!?
Ok so im doing a college essay for my english class and I need to start it off with an anecdote. My essay is based on how it was growing up living with my grandparents. I know an anecodte is like a story but I have no clue how to start it. Please helpp!

After you have chosen the anecdote, think about the actual purpose of your essay. Make sure that anecdote conveys the general feeling of your essay.

For example, let’s say your essay is about the difficulties of growing up with grandparents (as opposed to parents). Your anecdote should show those difficulties. You might choose the time you missed a friend’s birthday party because your grandfather was sick and had to go to the hospital. You could start off the anecdote with how you were told about our grandfather. “Your grandfather is in the hospital. We have to go now,” my grandmother said tearfully.

Of course, I just made that up and I hope your grandparents are doing well.