Im have problems understanding and figuring out how to write my essay?

Im have problems understanding and figuring out how to write my essay?
In several of Anna Nicole Smith’s obituaries, writers have remarked that Anna was “famous for being famous” and claimed that this kind of “career” is a uniquely 21st-century phenomenon. Write an essay exploring why today’s society makes this phenomenon possible. (The essay is emphasized on the question why todays society makes this possible

1. There is a general move away from talent being an essential component for any successful personality. Thus previously actors had to be competent and professional; the accumulation of wealth involved planning, self-motivation and direction; and success was built over time.

2. We now have a situation where quality does not matter, superficiality is not questioned, celebrity status is not earned. Here, I suggest are some reasons for this.
a) Technological advancement
The price, quality and availability of technical equipment and computer hardware and software is such that anyone can be a film director of sorts, and your neighbour can be a film star. Thus we are all used to sub-standard film quality and can easily find internet examples of:
(i) amateur porn,
(ii) school fights, and
(iii) jackass-style stunts.
b) Reality TV
This style of television has brought a lot of ordinary, unknown people on to our screens in shows about airports, driving instructors, hotels, bailiffs etc. The most extreme example is Big Brother, which puts unknowns into a house and observes how they get on. This has brought celebrity status to unworthy individuals like the UK’s Jade Goody.
c) Internet sites showing amateur video clips
There are many, such as YouTube (“broadcast yourself”) and Guzer.
d) Agents/publicists
There are professional publicists out there who readily exploit someone’s temporary notoriety to make money through commissions. Max Clifford is a classic UK example.

3. We now have many celebrities who are famous more for being famous, than for having any of the traditional skills of the well-known. They tend to be women, and include:
Paris Hilton
Sharon Osbourne
Victoria Beckham
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
Jordan (Katie Price)

4. Anna Nicole Smith was just one more.