Im thinking of going to college, i have know idea where to start.?

Im thinking of going to college, i have know idea where to start.?
So my grades in high school werent great. I have a family to support and I want a better live for them. Where do i start? I would definately need finacial aid where do i get it? what kind of aid can i get? helppppppppp.

The FAFSA is the first thing to fill out. It is the hub from which all other government aid depends. However, your school may also have scholarships, as well as your community. If you are a URM- under-represented minority- there are many organizations that might help you. Ask your school’s student advisior about some of the scholarships available to students. They usually have some on file.

Also, the fact that you have a family to support will be a major plus in your application because: 1. It may help explain why your grades were not so great and 2. It will show you are a hard worker and that you are not a quitter. Personal qualities often matter as much as academic qualities- never underestimate yourself.

I suggest working on a personal essay/statement that truly conveys to any college you are applying to your personal qualities- including the fact that you have supported your family. We’re all human, and while great grades do matter, along with the SAT or ACT, other factors matter as well. Make sure that you have at least one or more people, preferably your advisor, read your statement. It must be well written, have no spelling errors, and be gramatically correct. If you have it, feel free to email it to me and I can edit the grammar for you. But you must convey to the admissions committee that you are qualified and well-rounded, and that the sub-stellar grades do not mean you are not capable to do well in college. Your personal statement MUST be well written, since the admisisons committee looks at this statement as a sort of “conversation” between you and them- it conveys to them how you think and communicate.

A lot of people who have done poorly in high school did very well in college and beyond. Many of those people attended schools like Harvard and Yale, and went on to great careers. Other people who did very well in high school did not do so well in college. It’s really all up to you and how badly you want it.