Im writing a 2 paged essay *in 3rd person* on School Uniforms and should the schools require them to be worn.?

Im writing a 2 paged essay *in 3rd person* on School Uniforms and should the schools require them to be worn.?
I would like for you to give me your opinion on this topics and list 2 pros and 2 cons. But first I would like help on how to write it in *3rd person*. I know that you use He,She and, It. Is there anything else missing.?

When dealing with 3rd person, never use ‘you’ or ‘I’. Depending on your teacher you may have to deal with referring to the reader as ‘one’ in a rhetorical question, or you might get marked down. It depends on the teacher.
I am firmly against uniforms, and I had experience with them through most of my life. My elementary school required them.
because of uniforms I never really had to pick out my own school clothes in elementary school When I got to middle school, I still couldn’t match my outfits, and I didn’t understand my own sense of style. Looking back at photos, I often wonder what I was thinking and I was in 7th grade. As I got older I finally discovered that dressing one self is an art and a form of self expression, that is not just putting on a t shirt and a pair of pants, but matching different textures and colors. It is a useful skill that people must have in the adult world, otherwise they are frowned upon by society. If someone walked into a job interview in a completely messed up outfit, they would not make a good impression. The fact is school uniforms inhibit the development of one’s appreciation and skill of dressing one self.
Uniforms can’t look good on everyone. For a moment, let’s forget self expression, which is what fashion is, and let’s focus on hideous uniforms. Some people look drop-dead ugly in certain clothes that will completely illuminate somebody else. And that is unfair to those people. Some girls aren’t meant for skirts. Some acne covered students don’t look good in red. And some shirts just highlight the wrong features on people. When people choose their own clothes, they are accessorizing their body, it’s personalized to make themselves look good. And people have a right to look good, so that they can avoid people judging them in the context of a unflattering blazer and a plaid kilt that hits them right on their knobby knees highlighting their huge calfs. While some people may be built so that the uniform emphasizes their good looks.

1. It’s cheaper than buying expensive clothes to impress people on school that get ruined by the daily wear and tear.
However, Uniforms are expensive some can cost 200 dollars, and you probably have to buy a variety of different peices, sets, combinations, and probably multiples. Yikes.
2. Saves time in the morning and allows people to focus on their school work
Does, the 3 seconds-2 minutes in the morning to choose what your wearing really affect your school work? People don’t focus enough attention on clothes to affect their school work. Furthermore, if they do spend a significant amount of time with clothes it should be considered a hobby,and hobbies should be encouraged, not reprimanded.

Sorry for all the grammer errors, and I hope this helps. I always hated those types of essays!