In detail can you explain how to write an essay?

In detail can you explain how to write an essay?
basically i have a essay due and it about on 3 pros and 3 cons on stem cell research and the teacher said it should be more than 5 paragraph so i decide to do 8 paragraph to really explain my points but can you explain how to write the introduction in detail and Conclusion and Lastly Body Explain a paragraph of the body

You have to do a compare and contrast essay. It is Five paragraphs.
An Intro with thesis
Three body paragraphs
A conclusion paragraph

Inside those three body paragraphs you will need to compare and contrast the 3 pros and cons. With eight paragraphs you are already shooting yourself in the foot. Now since your teacher conveniently left out the instruction on how to do a C&C Essay, here you go:

Here is how you come up with a Thesis statement for a C&C essay (If you dont do this first, you will be lost, trust me it is the map and compass you need to come up with first before you start writing anything else)…

How to develop your paper and a good method to come up with a thesis as well:…

A few different ways you can organize a C&C essay:

A bit more info:

Well I would suggest you look each one of those over before you start writing. They will help you figure out how to organize your paper and more importantly, develop your Thesis First which if I didn’t mention you need to First develop a Thesis. After you start writing you can always come back and tweak your thesis as needed but if you don’t do that first you might as well just start rambling on for six pages till your exhausted looking at a paper that is no where near what it needs to be to turn in. Ok hope it helps.