In “Luck” by Mark Twain…?

In “Luck” by Mark Twain…?
How is Scoresby a static character? What are some things the clergyman did to help Scoresby? Is Scoresby really “an absolute fool”?

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Scoresby is a static literary character who remains basically unchanged. He is a decorated English military hero who triumphs through good luck. At the time of the Crimean War Scoresby is a captain. Despite his complete incompetence, everyone misinterprets his performance, taking his blunders for military genius, and his reputation is enhanced with every false step he makes. At the climax of the story, Scoresby mistakes his right hand for his left and leads a charge in the wrong direction, surprising a Russian force which panics and causes a retreat of the Russian army, thus securing an Allied victory.

Another interpretation of the story is that the Reverend is simply jealous of Scoresby’s successes. The Reverend was once an instructor at a military academy where he taught young Scoresby. According to the Reverend, Scoresby was a poor student, and blundered his way through promotions. When the war began, the Reverend joined the conflict, but with a lower rank than his ex-student. Throughout the story one can see that the Reverend is bitter. The “absolute fool” in the story is not Scoresby, who ascended the ranks of the military through action, but rather the Reverend, who cannot accomplish anything in his lifetime