In need of help with writing a comparative essay in World History AP?

In need of help with writing a comparative essay in World History AP?
I don’t get any of these topics and having trouble with writing an outline, none the less a essay…

1. Compare the reasons for the institutions and practices of Japanese and European feudalism. (Why did each region begin to adopt these practices and how were the similar and different?)

2. Compare the reasons why the governments in Western Europe were organized so differently than those in Eastern Europe in the post-classical era.

3. Compare the methods with which Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism were spread into new areas in the post-classical era.

4. Compare the responsibilities and opportunities that were available to elite women in the three following areas: Western Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, and East Asia.

I don’t know how to start on each of the essays, so I was wondering if you guys would help me get started with some facts or just what to write about..

It’s really very simple. You must practice, but you can do it!
In a compare and contrast, you will state that, while there are both similarities and differences, one (in your view) predominates (that’s the one you will write 2 paragraphs about). In your thesis, it is essential that you allude to the subtopics. In other words, the thesis is the trailer, the essay is the movie.
“Although X and Y share many commonalities in (a, b and, if possible, c)
their differences in (d, e and, f) predominate in any comparison of the two.”
OR vice versa, if that is the thesis.(Switch commonalities with differences, and prepare your argument accordingly.)