In the first case, the author takes his writing too seriously. If the idea is good, the authorship will not be obvious.

In the first case, the author takes his writing too seriously. If the idea is good, the authorship will not be obvious.
The goal of the essay: Describe a unique idea or theme. We need to distinguish the idea from the author’s method, his style, the place the idea is described and finally, from the results. The content, the style and the format of the essay all play a role in the evaluation of its success. An essay may sound great when it is submitted to an essay contest but the final decision should be based on one of the following: a comprehensive written analysis done by an expert in the field; or a comprehensive written essay about your own ideas or experiences. You may also want to write a “punchline” or a personal statement of opinion.
The topic of an essay
The topic of an informal essay may revolve around anything from the environment to a local sport or something from your life. There are no specific requirements. It is important to know that the only criteria is that the topic is fresh, has not been touched for at least six months, must be interesting, and does not appear to be a common topic – for example, the subject in another essay. The topic should be at the very least worth your while.
The content of an essay
An important part of writing a meaningful paper or essay is the use of language. Even when writing a novel or a paper of a purely literary nature, there are certain principles that apply in all genres. The following are some of the most important language principles:
Avoid metaphors. If you want something specific, use this technique
Use clear expressions. No matter what your aim is, avoid ambiguity, make it plain what you are trying to say and avoid ambiguous phrasing.
Use a simple grammar. The rules for writing, and not just using correct grammar, but also proper syntax, will help you produce a paper that is easy for the reader to read. This will also help you avoid misunderstandings and arguments. If possible, use a language that is similar to that used in your country.
Be concise. The number one rule here is to be concise and focus first of all on the important things in your essay and the point of what you are trying to convey. If you try to cram as many elements in your paper as possible, that is precisely why a few elements won’t make the difference between you getting a very high mark and one of failing.
Know your content!
As the title says, a good essay should describe something unique instead of describing yourself. The goal of writing a paper is NOT to write something to show your personality but rather, to express a unique and coherent idea. Writing well is easier than you might think and the key is to know your topic. Some common characteristics of good ideas are:
Symbolic, and