In what ways may air pollution in Beijing be related to the operation of the market economy?

In what ways may air pollution in Beijing be related to the operation of the market economy?
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market economy is nothing good to do with the current global economic crisis. so you may start to criticise the phylosiphy of market economy. you may say the following aspects related to government intervene against the free market system which had caused a market free fall.

1. strict policies or regualition on the pollution and their influence
2. enterprises work by the market economy practices within the framework (rather than the socalled “freedom”)
3. individal living/working practices with the ethical standards reinforced by the regulation and education or propaganda if you like
4. as conclusion, you may mention that the human society is all about rules rather than unlimited freedom so that people with the increasing population must sacrifice a personal tiny bit (inculding freedom) to achieve the best overall harmony and the condition/balance in which all individuals can live successfully.

and seriously I think that it is the upfront understanding about the world and all the conflicts that we experiencing today. the unlimited freedom can only give a short time spree satifaction for an individual, but not for a group of people, a nation and definately not for a civilisation. China is not a country but a civilisation with 5000 years history and 1.3 billion people….without rules and restrictions, it will be nothing but a chaos, and everyone knows that including those western top politicians, and that is why they play the neo-freedom idealism against the chinese governing system because that is the only way that can bring china back to 1900’s status….